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Pertinent Information

Garbage Containers
Please Store Them Out of Sight!
Association Covenant:  No rubbish container shall be visible from the street except on pick-up day and one day before and
‚Äčone day after pick-up day.

Clive City Ordinance: The owner or occupant of each single- or two-family dwelling using collection service at the curb shall place the containers storing solid waste and containers and bags storing yard waste at the curb, as defined herein, not earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the day preceding the regularly scheduled collection day.

Waukee City Ordinance: Containers or other solid waste placed at the curb line shall not be so placed more than twelve (12) hours in advance of the regularly scheduled collection day and shall be promptly removed from the curb line following collection.

The Speed Limit is 25 MPH
The Association Board has received numerous complaints and comments regarding people speeding in our neighborhood. Specific streets of concern are Lakeview Drive and Hawthorn Drive. The Board has been in contact with Clive Public Works, Clive Police, and Clive City Council regarding these concerns.

The next time you are traveling down a residential street in Country Club West/Woods, glance down at your speedometer. You may be surprised to find that you are exceeding the speed limit. Slow down to the limit or even to a few mph below the speed limit. The speed limit is a maximum speed and should be achieved only under ideal conditions. By traveling slower than the speed limit and thinking about the road, you will better be able to anticipate and react to unexpected events like children or animals running into the street. This slightly slower speed might cost you a few seconds in your travel time but will hardly be noticeable over the course of your trip, and the safety of our residents is

well worth it.

If you are concerned about this problem and/or have ideas regarding a solution, please send the Board an email to help us communicate the issues to the City. Just click here and send an email with your thoughts or comments.

Bundled Brush Pick Up 
          The City of Clive provides curbside pickup of branches and has restrictions on the weight, length and diameter of the tree limbs.
          Here are the details: 
          1. All branches must be less than 4" in diameter. 
          2. Bundles must be less than or equal to 4' in length, 18" in diameter, and 40 lbs. 
          3. Bundles must be tied with biodegradable twine (no wire or nylon cord). 
          4. Bundles must be neatly stacked at the curb. 
          5. No "Compost-It!" stickers are required for these special Brush Pick Ups. 

Snow Removal
          Clive and Waukee city ordinances require that snow and ice be removed from all sidewalks within 24 hours of the cessation of snow and/or ice accumulation. It is also residents' responsibility to keep the snow and/or ice removed from around the mailboxes.

           No fences over two feet in height shall be constructed or maintained in the front yard of any Lot and, in the case of a corner lot with two or more adjoining public streets, no fence over two feet in height shall be constructed  or maintained in the area between  the building setback line as shown on the recorded plat and the public right of way. No chain link fence, snow fence or temporary fence of any kind shall be permitted on any lot.

Screening of Yard Structures
Any dog run, trash receptacle, tool shed or other structure of like nature shall be properly screened by reasonable shrubbery or decorative 
fence or both.