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Clive Firefighters Avenue of Flags

The Clive Firefighters Association operates a program within the City of Clive in which flags are displayed near the curb of subscribers homes during five holidays per year.  The result is neighborhoods lined with American Flags as a show of patriotism every Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day.  For information on how to participate in the Avenue of Flags program, please click here.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of this program, some changes have been recently implemented in the manner in which flags are deployed.  Existing subscribers can read about the changes to the program at this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who do we contact to repair the community mailboxes?
A:   The community mailboxes (or "cluster mailboxes") are owned and maintained by the
      United States Postal Service.  If you have any issues with these (e.g., you lost you
      keys, the lock is stuck or broken, the post is damaged, the boxes need paint, etc.),
      then you should contact the local Post Office at (515) 251-7773.  

Q:  What do the annual dues go toward? 
A:   Since the association does not have a swimming pool, club house, etc., the dues are
      used to keep the neighborhood groomed, in compliance with the covenants, and keep
      funds to cover liability should there be an accident on any of the common grounds.

Q:  What were the results of the covenant proposal vote in spring 2006?
A:   The association bylaws require a 2/3rds majority (67%) of eligible members to vote in
      favor of a covenants change. 
Given that requirement the following are the results of the voting:

      Proposal #1 - Parking of trailers in view of street or adjacent lots - FAILED with 56%

      Proposal #2 - Satellite dishes on the back and sides of homes - PASSED with 69%

      Proposal #3 - Screening of tool sheds, dog runs, & structures, etc. - FAILED with 57%

      Proposal #4 - Sizes of tool sheds, dog runs, & structures, etc. - FAILED with 57%

      Proposal #5 - Location of tool sheds, dog runs, & structures, etc. - FAILED with 59%